Explosion in the Turkish capital Istanbul, six killed, the woman carried out the attack:

Six people have been killed in a bomb blast in the Turkish capital Istanbul’s Taksim Square. So far, more than 80 people have also been reported injured. The blast took place on Sunday in the busiest area of ​​Istanbul. A large number of people were present on this main walkway. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has condemned the blast. He also suspected the involvement of terrorists in this. Ambulances and fire engines reached the spot after the blast. Police also started relief and rescue operations.

Turkey’s vice president said six people were killed and 81 were injured in the explosion on Istanbul’s Istiklal Avenue. The blast, considered a terrorist act, was carried out by a female attacker.

The number of those who lost their lives may increase:

The number of casualties in the blast may increase further. Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya said on Twitter that the explosion happened at 4:20 pm local time. Some people died in the incident. Many have been injured. However, he did not specify the number of casualties.

Many videos also viral on social media:

Many videos are also going viral on social media. It is seen in the video that flames are coming out from the place of the blast. The explosion was loud in the video. After the blast, the passersby turned and started running.

Blast on a busy road:

The avenue is a busy thoroughfare popular with locals and tourists. There are many shops and restaurants here. Earlier also there were blasts in 2015 and 2017. It was claimed by Islamic State and some Kurdish groups.

India expressed condolences:

India has also reacted in the matter. Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said that India expresses its deepest condolences to the Government and the people of Turkey on the tragic loss of lives in the blast in Istanbul today. Our sympathies are also with the injured. We wish him a speedy recovery.

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