Former CM Vaghela said – Modi is the merchant of death:

Amidst the second phase of voting in Gujarat, once again, the slogan of ‘the merchant of death is resonating. Former Gujarat Chief Minister Shankar Singh Vaghela has called Prime Minister Narendra Modi a merchant of death. Vaghela is currently not associated with any political party, but his son Mahendra Singh Vaghela is contesting from Congress.

First of all, 3 big things about Shankar Singh Vaghela’s statement on Modi…

  1. The public is about to understand business.

Vaghela said in an interview with ABP News, ‘Voting in Gujarat on December 1 was anti-BJP and dull. BJP’s future will be locked in EVM on 5th December. The people of Gujarat are people who understand business. She knows what her future should be.

  1. BJP is going to lose this time

He said- The BJP, ruling Gujarat for 27 years, has only done Hindu-Muslim politics. Making a mess of the matter, not talking about development, just making rhetoric. People are tired of this. That’s why the party is going to lose in Gujarat this time.

  1. Marketing is his old habit.

Vaghela was asked if the prime minister’s allegation of disrespect to Congress would make any difference in the elections. Vaghela said this – It is their old habit to do such marketing. Kharge said this, Priyanka said this, and Sonia called her the merchant of death. Not only Sonia, I also say that Modi is the merchant of death. He was about to take out the funeral procession of the dead bodies of Godhra in Ahmedabad. If he is not a merchant of death, then what is he?

Congress President Kharge had called Modi Ravan.

Congress has been a constant attacker on PM Modi in the Gujarat elections. In Ahmedabad, Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge asked whether Modi has 100 faces like Ravana. I do not understand. Earlier, he had called himself untouchable and Prime Minister Modi a Sardar of liars.

PM Modi said – There was a competition to abuse me in the Congress.

At the Kalol rally, the PM responded to Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge’s statement on Ravana. He said, ‘There is a race to abuse me in the Congress, but the more mud is hurled, the more the lotus will bloom. One Congress leader said that Modi would die the death of a dog, while another said that Modi would die Hitler’s death. Another one was saying – If I get a chance, I will kill Modi myself… Some say Ravana, some say demon, some say cockroach.

PM Modi said – I eat 2-3 kg of abuse daily.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in Telangana that he gets 2-3 kg of abuse daily, but his body converts those abuses into nutrition. He said this while addressing BJP workers. He said that people ask me that Modi Ji don’t get tired, so I tell them that God has made such a mechanism in my body that abuses get processed and become nutrition.

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