Pakistan is badly trapped in a debt trap: 21 lakh crore rupees will have to be repaid in a year

Pakistan, struggling with economic conditions, will get the help of 24 thousand crore rupees from its fellow country. It is estimated that this help will be available in two weeks. Pakistan’s Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has given this information in an interview given to Geo News.

Dar said that Pakistan’s foreign reserves had reached Rs 61,000 crore, which will be further increased to Rs 24,000 crore with the help of a partner country. However, Dar did not reveal the name of the partner country. The Foreign Minister of Pakistan has also expressed his displeasure with the IMF in his interview. He accused the IMF of delaying the loan review.

No point in delaying after the process is complete.

Dar said the review is delayed even after completing the necessary process; it does not make sense. He also said that now it doesn’t matter to him. He doesn’t want to beg. In fact, after being declared bankrupt, Pakistan was given a bailout package of Rs 48,000 crore from the IMF. 8 thousand crore rupees have been added this year.

Pakistan will have to repay foreign debt in 12 months.

On the one hand, where Pakistan is taking time to get bailout funds from the IMF; on the other hand, pressure is being put on it to repay the loan taken from abroad. The Express Tribune quoted securities firm Optimus Capital Management as saying that Pakistan would have to repay the foreign debt within 12 months. Including foreign and old loans, Pakistan has to pay a total of Rs 21 lakh crore.

At the same time, Indian fast bowler Mohammed Shami has also been ruled out of the ODI series due to an injury. Umran Malik has been included in the team as Shami’s replacement. Rohit has said that too many matches are being played in recent times. However, this has not deterred the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the team. As a professional player, you have to keep your spirits up.

Increasing debt and decreasing foreign exchange have put Pakistan in a dangerous situation. The Government of Pakistan is making every possible effort it does not to have to take more loans. Various tactics are being adopted to keep the ever-increasing imports under control.

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