Pike county massacre: Family commits 8 murders to get 2 year old girl

On 22 April 2016, 8 people were brutally shot dead in Pike County, Ohio, USA. The case was so complicated that while solving it, there came a time when the police even stopped its investigation. But again this case was opened and the accused were caught. What was behind this massacre? Who were the people who carried out this massacre? How was this massacre carried out? Let’s know in detail about this dangerous massacre.

The case begins with the city of Pike County, located in the western part of the state of Ohio in the US. A total of 24 thousand people live in this city. Out of which more than half of the people live below poverty line. On the morning of 22 April 2016, brothers and sisters named Bobby and James arrived at a house to meet their relatives. As soon as both of them entered inside the house after parking the car, their senses flew away. He saw that all his family members present at home had died.

Bobby immediately called the police.The police reached the spot and saw that there are three houses together. Bobby and James told that these three houses belong to their relatives. And the bodies of their relatives are lying inside these three houses. When the police first entered the house, they were blown away after seeing the condition there. Actually, before this he had not seen such a crime scene in his life. The body of 48-year-old Christopher was lying in the living form inside the house. Police found that Christopher had even scrambled to save himself from the attackers, but he could not save himself.

Gary Rawden’s body in the other room:

When the police then went inside to another room, they found the body of 48-year-old Gary Rhoden. Gary was Christopher’s cousin. It was also shot from close range. But it seemed as if he had been shot while sleeping. A total of 3 bullets were fired at Gary. 1 bullet was fired on the head and two bullets were fired in the chest. The police found only two dead bodies from this house.

Two dead bodies in another house:

After this, while investigating, when the police went to the neighboring house, they found the dead bodies of Christopher’s daughter Hannah Gilley and her fiancé Frankie Rhoden. Both of them were sleeping on the same bed. Both were also shot while sleeping. But their 4-month-old son was also sleeping with them, who was abandoned by the assailant. Didn’t shoot him. The police saw that Frankie had been shot three times in the head. Whereas, three bullets were fired in the head and eye of Hanna Gille.

Three dead bodies in the third house:

After leaving there, when the police reached the third house, they found the dead bodies of Hannah Rhoden and Chris Junior. Hannah Rodden was Christopher’s second daughter. Whereas, Chris was his only relative. Hannah Rhoden lived here with her step-mother Dana (Dana Rhoden). Dana’s body was also found in this house. A total of 5 bullets were fired at Dana. Out of which 4 were on his face and one on his chest. The unfortunate thing was that Hanna Rawdon had given birth to her second child 4 days earlier. Here also the attacker left the child alive. Whereas, Hanna Roden left her 2-year-old daughter, Sophia, to stay with Christopher for a few days.

8th dead body found again:

According to ‘New York Post’, till now the police had found a total of 7 dead bodies. Bobby and James, who were present at the scene there, were also in shock as 7 members of their family had died. He also thought of another cousin brother, whose name was Kenneth Rhoden. He lived only a few kilometers away. Both tried to tell everything by calling Kenneth. But Kenneth did not pick up the phone. Then Bobby and James were worried as to why Kenneth was not picking up the phone. Immediately he told this thing to the police. When the police immediately reached Kenneth’s house, they saw that he too was lying dead there. Four bullets were fired on his head.

Everyone’s cell phones disappeared:

Police started investigation but they were not getting any clue. When the neighbors asked if they heard gunshots, the neighbors also said that they did not hear anything and they did not know anything about it. The police came to know that the family also had two pitbull dogs, which everyone was afraid of.So how can anyone enter their house like this, the police were surprised that even if some unknown person entered in the presence of dogs, why did they not bark? When the police started searching the house, they saw that the cell phones of those who died were also missing from there. The police brainwashed and found that nothing was missing from the house except the cell phone. It did not take long for the police to understand that there must be something in the cell phones due to which these 8 people were murdered.

Drug mafia suspected:

As soon as this case was seen, it spread in the whole city. But even after trying hard, the police could not find any evidence. The police was worried. Then they changed the angle of investigation. The police started by investigating the history of the family, the police came to know that Christopher and Kenneth used to do drug business. As soon as the police came to know about this, they directly suspected ‘The Cornbread Mafia’. Which is the Mexican drug mafia.

The police felt that the two brothers might have had a clash with the drug mafia over the drug business. And that’s why drug mafia must have killed all of them. Help sought from publicThe police started to find out about ‘The Cornbread Mafia’. During the investigation, the police came to know that ‘The Cornbread Mafia’ runs a drug business and can go to any extent to teach a lesson to its enemies. But this drug mafia never killed anyone. The police has now changed the angle of its investigation again. He put up boards and posters everywhere. Asked for help from the people that if anyone knows anything regarding this matter, then he should tell the police.

Custody of Hannah Rodden’s daughter Sophia: Of course, a lot of people came here to call the police but everyone would tell a different story. At one point it also came that the police stopped picking up people’s phones. During this time the police also came to know that Billy Wagner was a friend of Christopher. He also lived with his family just a few blocks away from his house. In the year 2010, Billy’s boy Jack Wagner and Hanna Roden had an affair. The affair of both lasted till the year 2015.

Then both of them separated. When the police came to know about this, they also questioned this family. But this family flatly denied that they had nothing to do with the murder. But the surprising thing was that when Christopher and his entire family were murdered, only 4 days after that Jack tried to take custody of Sophia by filing an application in the court. He also showed a letter to the court in which Hannah Rodan wrote that if anything happens to me, then the custody of my daughter should be given to her father Jack Two. But the court did not give him the custody of Sofia.

This is how the case was revealed:

Soon the family broke up and he confessed to the murder. Billy, Jack and George told that they had murdered these 8 people. He told that when Jack and Hanna Roden were in a relationship, both lived in a live-in relationship at Billy’s house.

One day in 2015, Hanna called Christopher and told him that Jack and his family kept him under control. Doesn’t even let anyone talk. Even once Jack tried to kill him. Christopher went straight to Jack’s house and took Hanna with him from there. Jack and Hannah also had a daughter, Sophia, who was 1 year old at the time. Sophia also brought him with her.

Jack sentenced to life imprisonment 8 times:

The police arrested the accused in the case Billy, his two sons Jack and George, along with his wife Angela. The accused were caught and presented directly in the court and their trial went on. In between, the trial went on a little longer due to Kovid. According to ‘Daily Mail’, so far Jack has been sentenced to life imprisonment 8 times in the case.

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