Racism in Britain’s Buckingham Palace:

An important member of Britain’s Buckingham Palace has had to resign due to racial comments. The commenter is believed to be the godmother of Prince William. He is accused that he asked a black woman from which part of Africa she came, while the woman had already told many times that she was a citizen of Britain. The palace member did not accept this thing and repeatedly put pressure on him and asked, no, tell me, where are you from in Africa?

This incident happened in the program of Britain’s Queen Camilla. Which was being done regarding women suffering from domestic violence. On the other hand, the woman Ngozi Fulani, who was racially commented on, does charity work for women suffering from domestic violence. He was born in Britain only.

The palace expressed regret:

A statement from a palace spokesperson has been issued following the comments from a member of Buckingham Palace. In this, it has been said that the matter will be investigated. The spokesman said that such cases could not be accepted at all. We are sorry for such a comment. He did not name the person who made the racist comment but did say that the member expressed his desire to apologize and regret that his comment had hurt anyone.

Is Prince William’s godmother making racist comments?

Although neither Ngozi Fulani nor a palace spokesman named the member who made the racist comment, UK media reported the comment was made by Lady Suzanne Hussey, 83, the godmother of Prince William. The spokesman of Prince William, son of King Charles, has also stated this whole incident. He said that he was not present during the incident, but such comments are not acceptable under any circumstances.

Megan Merkel also made allegations of racism:

This is not the first case of racism in Buckingham Palace. Meghan Markle, the wife of King Charles’ younger son Prince Harry, also alleged that she was subjected to racist remarks at the palace. Megan had said that during her pregnancy, a member of the palace staff questioned the color of her child.

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