Stupid question on the meeting of two women PMs:

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin arrives to meet New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. This was the first meeting of both of them. During this, a journalist asked them a strange question about their age.

Sana Marin is 37 years old, and Jacinda Ardern is 42. Both were talking to reporters in Auckland, New Zealand. Meanwhile, a journalist asked the two about the reason for their meeting.

What did the reporter ask?

The journalist’s style of asking questions was quite different. Journalist asked- Are you meeting just because your age is almost equal and both of you are women or was this meeting held to discuss strategy regarding the relationship between Finland and New Zealand.

Jacinda Ardern answered this in a very simple way. He said- We know that usually, men are more in politics, but if two women leaders meet, then it is not just because of gender. I don’t think anyone ever asked Barack Obama and John Key that question. Sana Marin also said – We are meeting because we are the Prime Minister. We both have a lot in common, and we want to do a lot of work together.

A viral video on social media

A video of this question-answer is becoming increasingly viral on social media. It has been viewed 1.5 million times so far. Jacinda Ardern and Sana Marin said in a joint statement – ​​We discussed serious issues like import-export, technology, Russia-Ukraine war, climate crises, and women in Iran in Finland-New Zealand.

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