US Capitol-like violence in Brazil:

Clashes broke out between police and supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, Latin America’s largest country. Supporters barged into the police headquarters. Here supporters of Bolsonaro protesting the victory of Lula da Silva set several vehicles on fire. Police fired tear gas shells to control the protesters.

In fact, in the presidential election held in October, Lula da Silva defeated current President Jair Bolsonaro by about 21 lakh 39 thousand votes. Bolsonaro had already made it clear that if he lost the election, he would follow the path of former US President Donald Trump and would not accept the results.

First of all, know when the violence started.

Small demonstrations have been taking place in Brazil since 31 October. On Monday, December 12, Brazil’s top electoral court officially declared Lula’s victory. After this, supporters of Bolsonaro started protesting. As the violence escalated, the Supreme Court ordered the arrest of a supporter, José Acácio Carrere Zavante, but the violence escalated rather than subsided.

Supporters of Bolsonaro entered the police headquarters late on Tuesday, 13 December. There were clashes between the protesters and the police here. The protesters pelted stones at the police. Many buses and vehicles were set on fire. The police also lathi-charged the protesters and fired tear gas shells to control the situation.

The War zone became the capital of Brasilia.

Many videos related to violence are going viral on social media. Sharing the video, journalist Alan Rios wrote – The capital Brasilia looks like a war zone. Vehicles were set on fire here. Some buildings have also been vandalized. According to a Reuters report, the protesters were wearing yellow T-shirts. It is seen as a symbol of support for Bolsonaro’s party.

Set fire to a moving bus:

Some local journalists have shared a video on their Twitter handles. In this, it can be seen that the protesters set fire to a moving bus. However, it is unknown how many people were present on the bus and how many have been injured in the violence so far.

There were demonstrations in the country after the election decision.

After the defeat of Bolsonaro, protests were seen in many areas of the country. His supporters blocked the roads. Marco Tonio Territo de Barroso, executive director of the Federal Highway Police (PRF), had said – protesters blocked 267 roads. The way to the country’s largest airport was also blocked, due to which many flights were canceled. People were protesting with banners reading ‘Lula No.’

There was violence in US Capitol Hill in January 2021

Former US President Donald Trump chose the path of chaos and corruption to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.

In the US, on January 6, 2021, Capitol Hill (US Parliament) was attacked by Trump supporters. At least 138 policemen were injured in the Capitol Hill riot. More than 5 miscreants were killed in retaliatory firing.

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